Friday, November 10, 2006


Ok, now the democrats have a chance to show everybody how they will handle all the pressing problems. Funny thing is that I never heard very much about their plans before the recent election during which they won control of congress, so I am doubtful that anything workable will be presented. Politics as usual...
Lessee...oh yes, there was one and a half days of nonrain this week. Now it's back to normal (looking out at the television-monitor grey sky and the drizzle, the windshield wipers, the dimples of rain in the puddles).
Yesterday, going into the library, I heard a hoarse croak and looked up to see what appeared to be a Raven in the top of a Douglas Fir. Wanting to make sure, since I rarely seem them in the lowlands here, I rushed back to my car and took out the binoculars to take a look. As I did another one joined the first. Yep, there was no doubt as I looked at the thick beak and the raggedy appearance of its neck feathers as it bent over to give some more croaks. I have never seen them in this immediate area until about a year ago. I see them in the mountains fairly commonly though. The crows, which they resemble, seem to have a built in antipathy toward the ravens and often mob them as they do owls, hawks and eagles. Perhaps the Raven prey upon their young.
I am working straight through this week with no days off, and I have to whine a bit. Sniff...too bad I can't resist the money.
Last night I checked out Hotel Angela in Bocas del Toro, Panama. That was my favorite place during my visit to Panama last Spring. It showed that the weather was in the eighties with rain expected every day this week. How fondly I remember sitting out on the covered deck/dining room over the waters of the Carribean, drinking hot coffee, watching the sun rise, and checking out the reef fish feeding in the pilings by my table. I must go back if only for that.

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