Friday, November 17, 2006

What is that bright thing in the sky?

For over two weeks there has been an almost unrelenting wave of rain storms sweeping in from the Southwest. I have awakened innumerable times to things hitting the roof, blown off from the surrounding trees, and then hearing the sound of whatever it was rolling down the roof. Probably mostly Douglas Fir cones since they are the few things that will roll, but lots of twigs, small branches have also been blown helter skelter over the roof and yard. But now I sit here, bathed in sunlight at Cutter's Point, drinking hot coffee and enjoying the warmth. In fact it is so warm here that I had to take off my sweat shirt.
I got up just after 7 am to blow off the driveway, deck and street. The accumulation of fir needles, leaves, twigs and cones had reached such a depth that it was embarassing especially when my next door neighbor, with his powerful leaf blower, continually blows not only his driveway off and the street in front of the house, but he also blows the street in front of my house! It took just over an hour and used up one tank of gas in my puny leaf blower. Much of the driveway was still wet and the fir needles were almost impossible to blow off. On my deck it was so wet that it was impossible to get it all. I don't even try to use the blower on the needles until it dries off somewhat.

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