Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas and its aftermath.

I had the best Christmas present that I could ever ask for...Jessica, my daughter, is officially engaged. She made the announcement and showed me the ring Christmas day. I mean it's not as if they weren't planning on getting married, but now it's official :).

Also she made straight A's on the courses she is taking! Wow...that really made my day. Steve also came over and we all had an enjoyable Christmas day. Even the weather was cooperating with sunshine and blue skies. It is raining again today of course, and this afternoon the Choi's came over for a nice supper.

It is nice to relax for a bit since I haven't had any days off this month. Last week I worked 37 hrs of overtime and 28.5 hrs the previous week making a total of 66.5 hrs of overtime for the past two weeks. It would have been over seventy if it hadn't been for the power failure during the windstorm Thursday before last (70 mph).

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