Sunday, December 31, 2006

End of the Year

I watched some television yesterday--something that I rarely do. I watched some of President Ford's funeral and a bit of news, including the hanging of Saddam Hussein. I was surprised at the unprofessional atmosphere of his hanging. People yelling slogans, accusations, Saddam himself answering them in a calm sort of way. I'm afraid he came off much better than his executioners in the way that he conducted himself...chastizing them for acting in such a way. Afterwards the scenes of people dancing in the streets brought home to me just how different our cultures are.
Today it is very sunny with blue skies and a mild breeze. The Narrows Bridge is having its final bridge decks raised, including the ones that go between the uprights. This has to be done very carefully since there is only a quarter of an inch clearance between the bridge deck and the upright towers. See my web site ( for photographs of the bridge and bridge decks that are being raised from the ships below.
This is the last day of 2006. I remember long ago that the idea of actually living into the 2000's seemed something so unlikely that it seemed like science fiction. Now I am typing this on an instrument that I couldn't even imagine back then, much less the idea of an "internet."
I am interrupting my vacation by working my days off, and by working my holiday, New Years Day. This way I can use up my vacation time (use it or lose it!) and make a bit of change in the process.

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