Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm Tired of Talking About the Weather

I mean it! I'm tired of meeting people and all they talk about is the weather. I am ready for the weather to fall once again into the realm of the ho-hum. Last Wednesday we had a big weather system come in and dump about 5-7 inches of snow. It immediately cleared and then became very cold. The ice and cold continued slowly melting until yesterday morning when another 3 inches fell on top of the existing ice. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for my driveway. It's long and steep and almost impassable when covered in ice. Fortunately my little Ford Escape with its four wheel drive makes it with little problem (until last night when I almost slid off the driveway and down the slope; also the other day when I was coming down the driveway, I began to slide and saw my neighbor's car parked at the bottom. Knowing I couldn't stop, I began to honk wildly...fortunately she pulled forward just before I hit her). It also does very well with the icy roads. In fact I would have little difficulty in getting around if it wasn't for the other drivers. Some creep along at 6 miles per hour and drive me to distraction and others blaze along throwing slush everywhere, acting as if their four wheel drives renders them immune to the laws of Physics. It seems to be finally getting above freezing now though and melting seems to have set in.
Have you noticed that it is actually a special time just after or during a snow? It is very quiet, the birds are silent and everything is covered with all this beautiful snow...sometimes all you can hear is the soundless sound of snowflakes or the plop of snow falling from a tree branch.

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