Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Awareness of the Now

Do you ever have times when you become intensely aware of your existence? When your senses seem to awaken, and you become aware of the breaths that you draw, the feel of the clothes on your body, the small subtle sensations, the tiny messages that your body sends you, telling you where all the parts are, your feet here, your arms there? Sounds become sharper, smells and then you think that there will come a time when all this will cease--no more breaths, no more sensations, when we all will return what? Time then becomes precious. I want to squeeze each golden moment, and I regret so much time squandered through the years. But...the moment passes and life continues, this incredible existence rushes along like a locomotive through dark shifting mist, full of rushing sound and wind, hanging out the window, eyes streaming, squinting, searching the track ahead in the dim light.

It's very difficult to live life in the now; we are always thinking back to he past or forward to the future. Now takes care of itself, unappreciated and ignored. Hopefully I can learn to live more in the present.

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