Friday, February 09, 2007

I Should Be More Tolerant

Yes, I really should...but sometimes it is so hard! Sitting here in Cutter's Point, I have been subjected to this unrelenting account by a woman who went into excruciating detail about: her family and how they are buying a new dog which is by far the best breed there is; her daughter's dealings with the Girl Scouts and the problems that the mother had with the behavior of the other girls and how their parents refused to discipline them; the buying of her new house with detailed descriptions of the walls, the floors, the kitchen and her criticisms of her neighbor's taste in houses; her accounts of meeting her old high school friends with criticisms of their life style and their clothes, and...well, you get the idea. All this wouldn't be so bad if she didn't talk in this whiney voice that you could hear all over the shop. She wasn't talking loudly, but lord god almighty it was penetrating! I tried to shut her out and tend to my business, but it was hard with her sitting right beside me. I should have moved you say? Possibly, but I was settled and wanted to finish editing some photographs and saving them to disc, and I was right in the middle of it.

Maybe I just like to complain. Come to think about it, complaining is one of my few pleasures in life. It gives me exquisite satisfaction to...oh my god, the man's cell phone is ringing with this really, really loud ring! I gotta go!

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