Saturday, March 10, 2007

Intimations of Spring

The leaf buds on my lilac bush began to swell over a month ago, and now the hazelnuts are blooming in the forests with their long catkins hanging down and the first hint of new green leaves. Crocuses are emerging, but only open up in the sun. Flowering crabapple trees are also beginning to bloom. Early daffodils have been blooming for a couple of weeks now.
A few days ago we had the first warmish day, it got up to 58 here! Now another of those Pineapple Express rain fronts is beginning to come through.
I got some interesting books the other day. One was on the Permian extinction when as much as 95% of life disappeared, possibly due to Global Warming. The others dealt with Natural History themes which interest me, for example, the relationship of surface area and volume with all its implications. I think I'll write a paper on this topic.

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