Friday, March 02, 2007

Will You Die with Your Song Unsung?

I just heard somebody say that they didn't want to die with their song unsung. I got to thinking about this, and wondered about how common this phenomenon is, how many people really go through their lives and never live their dreams...never really sing the song that is playing within. We go through our lives making our living, working long hours perhaps, putting off until "later" our dreams and our aspirations. Then we wake up some day and realize that there is no more time, that we must put up or shut up, and then we wonder just where all the time went and wish that we had lived our dreams and sung our songs all along during our life when we were busy making a living., today, begin to sing your song; begin to live your life. Start in small ways if you must. Take a moment, look around, examine your senses, take a deep breath, see the beauty...the wonder of this incredible universe. And then do something that you really want to do. You don't know what you want to do? Make a plan for your life, write down your goals and then write down how you can achieve them. Too old you say? Never! Use the time you have, take your life and squeeze the juices out...drink deep!

I'm at the end of another semester. Tomorrow is the final, and I just recorded the grades on my grade sheets so that tomorrow all I have to do is to record the final exam grade, let the computer do all the averaging and then post them online. Then a couple of weeks between semesters to refresh my batteries. And I actually will get two days off next week, the first in a month!

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